What is Black and Blue and Red All Over Answers

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Here we have shared the collection of best what is black and blue and red all over answers. This riddle is a classic that has been around for decades. The answer usually centers on the word “red,” which is pronounced the same as the verb “read.” Thus, it’s easy to see that the traditional answer is newspaper. This is a logical answer, since newspapers are printed with black ink, contain red headlines, and are read. However, it is possible to interpret the question more whimsically, by considering physical objects that are black and white. For instance, a penguin with a sunburn might fit the bill, since it is typically black and white but can appear red due to its skin color.

The question is, of course, meant to be funny and sarcastic, rather than serious and factual. In the end, though, there is only one answer that is appropriate to this riddle: a newspaper.

David Sunnyside
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