What is Core Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Technology is the work procedures, techniques and equipment that transform organizational inputs into products or services. It includes work procedures and machinery, but also software, telecommunications, production equipment and personal technology like computers Opens in new window and cell phones. Core and supporting technology can be incorporated into every facet of an organization.

Developing a core technology requires proving that a science is technically feasible, so it's important to get this right at the start of your company's life cycle. Core technology development is typically done by scientists who are specialized in their area of research. This is a distinct career path from product design engineers who have their own set of practical skills, but aren't at home with the theoretical "first principles" that define a core technology.

The production and use of technology is a major global economic driver, with many companies being founded based on new technologies. However, it has significant environmental impacts that need to be addressed. These include pollution - air, water, heat and noise - and consumption of non-renewable resources like precious metals and other materials used in electronics, as well as coal to generate electricity for powering them.

Technology can also disrupt ecology by consuming land that was once home to animals, and introducing chemicals into ecosystems. It can also cause health problems by exposing people to electromagnetic fields, which has been linked to cancer. And finally, the waste from discarded and obsolete technology clogs landfills and pollutes rivers and oceans.

David Sunnyside
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