What is D-Box Movie Tickets?

October 28, 2023
David Sunnyside

Ever since the advent of surround setups and room-shaking sound systems, audiences have loved immersive theatre technology that puts them in the middle of a movie. Unlike super-sized screens like IMAX and extra-extra-large options such as ScreenX, D-Box takes a different approach with unique seats and an array of speakers that creates an overwhelming envelope of sound and motion that turns a movie into a physical experience.

The technology comes from D-Box, a company that got its start making subwoofers for home entertainment but soon realized the spine-shaking action they could program into their seats had far more potential in the theater. After Universal asked them to create motion for FAST & FURIOUS, the D-Box race into the theatres began in earnest and today they have locations all over the world.

While rumbling recliners are fun for the first time, they quickly get old and can take viewers out of a film if the movement isn’t synchronized with the onscreen action. While they’re great for action movies, if you’re going to see a slow-burning litigious drama, you might want to skip D-Box and just stick with your regular seat. Also, if you’re prone to motion sickness, the jittering of the seats can actually make you sick – so be warned. Despite these drawbacks, if you’re up for a new sensory experience, dbox movie tickets are definitely worth the price.

David Sunnyside
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