What Is Digital Marketing?

April 28, 2023
Justin Ankus

Digital marketing

Digital marketing, or electronic marketing, involves using electronic devices to reach customers. It involves using websites, search engines, blogs, social media posts, video updates and emails to connect with current and potential customers alike. Compared to traditional forms of marketing like billboards or print ads, this form of advertisement offers greater scalability, flexibility and sustainability compared with more conventional approaches.

Digital Ads and Marketing Corporations once relied heavily on traditional advertising methods, such as billboards and print ads. But as our world became more connected, companies sought new methods of promotion for their products and services; leading them down a path toward digital marketing.

How Does Digital Marketing Work? Digital, or online marketing, refers to any form of promotion conducted via the internet - this includes social media posts and SEO (search engine optimization).

What Are My Options for Digital Marketing? Digital marketing comes in various forms, each providing its own set of benefits to companies. Knowing which will best serve your company is important.

Content Creation

Generating and disseminating high-value content is an integral component of digital marketing strategy, whether that means blogging, vlogging, videos, images PDFs and e-books. When developing and sharing this kind of information it must be tailored specifically towards your target audience with information they wish to hear about.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing technique used to increase visitors to your website by improving its search results ranking. SEO works by making sure that your business appears prominently at the top of any search result page either organically or editorially.


Digital marketing algorithms are an integral component of successful campaigns. They ensure your ads reach their targets with precision, but can come with implicit bias as they may have been programmed by individuals with certain backgrounds such as engineers or data scientists who could lead to inaccurate results.

Digital marketers utilize many algorithms in digital marketing such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and text mining. While these programs aim to remain impartial, it's important to remember that their accuracy depends on those programming them.

Digital Marketing Trends and Articles

There is an abundance of articles on digital marketing available online; most focus more on the art rather than current news events. They can serve as invaluable guides for newcomers as well as experienced digital marketers alike.

Digital Marketing Blogs

These sites provide up-to-date news regarding digital marketing trends. In addition, they also offer tips and techniques for producing quality content.

Content produced on these websites can be invaluable when it comes to implementing digital marketing strategies into your own marketing plan, as it will draw in more visitors while simultaneously turning those visitors into sales.

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