What is Earth Dreams Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Honda's Earth Dreams Technology is the latest in a long line of advanced powertrain advancements. They've already used it to create a direct-injection gas engine, CVT gearboxes that are actually fun to drive and a two-motor hybrid system for fuel efficiency and electric performance. The company claims that within three years they'll be leading the world in fuel economy for every vehicle segment.

To accomplish their goals, the engineers created a number of changes that are easily overlooked by consumers who don't spend much time behind the wheel. For instance, the new engine design uses a smaller spark plug and a different type of piston crown. These small changes add up to a significant reduction in friction and heat that increases power output while keeping emissions low.

Another change is that the new pistons are made from lighter material than the previous ones. This shaved a significant amount of weight off the entire engine. The resulting engine is also less bulky, making it easier to install in cars with tighter packaging constraints.

The first Honda Earth Dreams engine is set to debut in Europe next year on the ninth generation Civic. It will also be added to the new CR-V later this year, and the concept will eventually apply to all of Honda's future power trains. The 1.6L diesel i-DTEC engine will have carbon dioxide emissions of only 94 g/km and achieve a combined city/highway fuel economy rating of 41 mpg.

David Sunnyside
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