What Is Enterprise Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Enterprise technology – also known as enterprise software – encompasses all the various tools, hardware and systems large businesses and corporations rely on. This includes everything from CRM software to big data applications. This technology allows larger companies to stay competitive in their market by giving them the ability to manage data, operations and business processes more efficiently.

While this technology has made a huge impact on the way businesses operate, it doesn’t come without challenges. One of the biggest hurdles that businesses must overcome when implementing new enterprise technologies is resistance from employees. This can be due to fear of the unknown, concerns about job security or issues with integrating the new technologies into existing IT systems.

Luckily, these obstacles can be mitigated with the help of effective change management strategies. These include transparent communication about the benefits of the new technology, providing adequate training and involving employees in the transition process. Additionally, it’s important to thoroughly plan out the implementation of the new software in a controlled environment before moving to a live production environment. This includes a go-no-go checklist to ensure all the steps are completed and any issues get resolved before going live.

In addition to these crucial change management strategies, it’s important for small business owners and managers to keep up with developments in the enterprise technology marketplace. This is because many of these solutions will eventually make their way downmarket and be adapted for use by smaller businesses.

David Sunnyside
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