What is Gateway to Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Gateway to Technology is a hands-on learning program that is engaging and exciting for today's grade 6-8 students. It fuels their passion for discovery as they explore coding and robotics, flight and space, and human body systems. By fostering collaboration and inspiring "aha!" moments of deep comprehension, Gateway to Technology empowers students to lead their own discoveries. Students gain a solid foundation for pre-engineering high school courses and beyond.

A network gateway is a computer that sits between different networks and converts information, data or other communications from one protocol or format to another. Gateways are used to join two dissimilar types of networks together and can operate at any layer of the OSI model. A gateway can also perform some of the functions of a router, but it is more commonly associated with linking an enterprise network to the Internet. Examples of gateways include VoIP trunk gateways (which connect home or enterprise telephone equipment with a VoIP service provider), media gateways (which translate different formats of data into one form), and email security gateways that filter out incoming messages for violations of company policy.

In life science research, a gateway reaction is used to combine multiple DNA fragments into one expression plasmid that will express a gene of interest in bacterial, insect or mammalian cells. This method uses a LR cloning reaction to produce an entry clone containing attL sites and promoters, which is then fused to a destination plasmid containing attR sites and a gene of interest for gene expression.

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