What is Grog Bog?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

In addition to barley, the brew included honey, cranberries and herbs such as yarrow, bog myrtle and juniper. The researchers analyzed samples from jars and strainer cups found in graves in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The earliest grog residue was from a jar that was buried with a man, while other samples came from women’s tombs. They also found traces of grape wine that had been imported from southern Europe—suggesting that Vikings had developed a well-established trade network with the continent, McGovern says.

grog bog

The foul-smelling sh-t you do after a night of heavy drinking, also known as an after-grog bowel movement (abbreviated AGB).

A Delaware-based craft brewery has been using the ancient recipe to brew its own version of grog. Its name, Kvasir, references a legendary Nordic figure who mixed blood from the murdered gods with honey to create a beverage that conferred wisdom on those who drank it.

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