What is Jedi Flipping?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Jedi Flip is an ability in Star Wars Fallen Order that allows Cal to double jump and reach higher areas. This is a crucial ability that can help you access parts of the game's world you might not be able to otherwise, such as the top of the Origin Tree on Kashyyyk or the Tomb of Kujet on Dathomir.

While some psychonauts enjoy mixing different drugs, this is not generally recommended by experts. Mixing drugs is dangerous, and the more substances that are combined, the more likely a negative reaction will occur. It's also difficult to determine the proper dosage for mixing drugs, especially when they are unregulated and sold on the black market.

When it comes to Jedi flipping, or the combination of MDMA (ecstasy), LSD (acid) and psilocybin mushrooms, the experience can vary from mind-bending euphoria to out-of-this-world visuals. Moreover, since each drug has a distinct time frame for peaking, getting them to all take effect at the same time can be tricky.

For example, LSD takes the longest to kick in, followed by psilocybin and then finally MDMA. Many users find that the best way to avoid this is to consume a smaller amount of each substance and to be with a trip sitter, someone who is not taking any of the drugs and can help if any problems arise. This is important because all of the substances involved in Jedi flipping are known to raise heart rate, and this can be a particularly dangerous combination for those with pre-existing heart conditions.

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