What Is Meg Backrooms Copypasta?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you’re not familiar with the Meg backrooms copypasta, it’s a very popular found-footage horror video series created by YouTuber Kane Parsons. The videos have attracted millions of views and have even made it to the top of several trending lists. Parsons has been creating these videos since 2015 and his popularity has only grown. He’s also gained a following on Twitter and Facebook.

It all started with a simple image that people started sharing online. From there, things went a bit crazy. People started coming up with new levels and expanding on the lore behind it. There’s a whole website dedicated to it now called the Backrooms database, where people are adding levels, entities, objects, and more.

The most famous group is M.E.G, which is like a military government for the Backrooms. They have outposts on most of the first levels and try to keep Wanderers safe from Entities and Traps. However, they are at war with other groups for some of the level space.

There’s also a more menial group known as the Mountain Man Coalition, who are more focused on trade than anything else. They are a smaller version of M.E.G and they have a few outposts on levels 1 to 5.

One thing that people seem to miss is that the Backrooms are actually dilated in both time and dimension. That means people from different parts of the world are falling into them all the time and sometimes they meet each other. For example, a person from 2022 might be talking to someone who fell in from 1942. This can lead to some weird discrepancies between them, such as WWII not happening in their part of the universe.

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