What is Mixed Cardio?

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

Mixed cardio is a workout mode available on Apple Watch that enables users to track a combination of aerobic exercises. Users can choose a selection of activities such as jogging, jumping, pushups and squats that will help them burn calories - similar to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). There are some differences between these workout modes though; mixed cardio utilizes multiple forms of equipment while HIIT uses only one piece during its session.

Mixed cardio provides multiple advantages to different parts of the body. It is an efficient way to burn calories while toning muscles. When people engage in this form of workout, their cardiovascular endurance increases dramatically and they'll find movement easier throughout their day. Furthermore, this type of routine may also help enhance lung capacity and blood circulation for greater overall wellbeing.

Cardiovascular exercises are crucial to our health as they elevate heart rates, leading to stronger hearts and healthier lungs. Furthermore, cardiovascular exercises help people live longer by decreasing risks such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as boost metabolisms to aid weight loss through caloric burning. It is therefore imperative that people participate in cardiovascular exercises on a regular basis.

Mixed workouts are an effective way to keep yourself engaged with fitness, as they keep workouts interesting. Jumping jacks, kettlebell training and other high-impact exercises such as jumping rope are ideal ways to challenge cardio systems quickly while burning calories in short time spans. Furthermore, mixed exercises deplete energy reserves in your body requiring greater cardiovascular efforts in order to replenish them - leading to greater overall cardio fitness!

One effective way to achieve a varied workout is through exercise machines that combine features. An example is the Bowflex MAX Trainer, which combines striding motion of an elliptical with the stair climbing action of StairMaster. Other hybrid exercise machines include rowing machines, indoor cycling bikes and stair climbers.

Apple Watch users who wish to track mixed cardio workouts must first activate this option within their workout app by using digital crown to navigate into Workout app and select Mixed Cardio option. Once enabled, users can set either distance or open goal goals before beginning their workout - any data accumulated afterward will be displayed on watch screen.

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