What Is OpenAL and Should You Install It?

March 25, 2024
David Sunnyside

OpenAL is a cross-platform audio application programming interface (API) designed for efficient rendering of multichannel three dimensional positional audio. It is commonly used in games and virtual reality applications to enhance the immersiveness of the experience. However, it is also frequently uninstalled due to complaints of high CPU and memory usage. In this article, we will explore what is openal, its benefits, and potential drawbacks before making a decision to keep or remove it from your system.

Developed by Loki Software and acquired by Creative Technology, openAL is a 3D audio API that allows developers to incorporate advanced audio features into their games. It is designed to work with various operating systems and platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, and game consoles. It is a free, open source replacement for other proprietary 3D audio APIs such as Microsoft's DirectX and Apple's Core Audio.

A key benefit of openAL is its support for environmental 3D sound effects. This can include audio attenuation, Doppler shifts, and material densities, which help create a more realistic gaming environment. It also enables developers to sync the timing and intensity of music with in-game actions, creating an emotionally resonant and engrossing experience.

However, despite its many benefits, openAL can be resource-intensive, particularly when used in games with high resolution and surround sound. As a result, it is often uninstalled by gamers due to concerns of high CPU and memory usage. Depending on the requirements of your applications and your system performance, you may want to consider keeping openAL installed if you enjoy playing games with advanced audio capabilities.

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