What is Resource Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The invention of new technological products relies on several resources. Some of the most important include people, materials, and time. People create the need for technology by expressing their needs and wants, which inspire others to innovate or create the tools needed to fulfill those desires. Materials provide the building blocks of technologies, while time provides the opportunity for those inventions to be refined into useful tools.

Evolving resource management means ensuring that the right people and funding are available to continue delivering value through projects and products. This starts with determining what skills are required for each project at the planning stage. Once that is done, the team can be built with the ideal people, optimizing them for capacity and skills. This also enables project managers to see potential conflicts early on, so they can respond quickly by reprioritizing or moving work around.

A new McKinsey Global Institute report finds that technological advances could generate up to $1.6 trillion in savings for energy, water, and mineral resources by 2035. These savings could stem the tide of over-demand for a wide range of minerals, as ever-growing populations make claims on a finite supply.

Use of MCCCD’s technology resources is subject to a number of rules and regulations that govern both personal and business usage. While some personal use is permitted, the District reserves the right to restrict access to its networks if it places excessive burdens on the system or violates other policies and regulations, including those that protect student privacy and intellectual property rights.

David Sunnyside
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