What is Smile and Go Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you walk into Madison Square Garden or Kennedy International Airport, or even your local mall, it’s possible that your face is being analyzed for criminals and shoplifters. That’s because dozens of retailers and venues, including Target, Saks Fifth Avenue and the airports in New York City, use facial recognition technology to keep tabs on people entering their stores. Some are even experimenting with making payment using your smile.

The technology has drawn criticism from privacy advocates and civil rights groups, but the companies that manufacture it say it’s necessary for security and safety reasons. But the technology is not foolproof, and a growing number of people have found ways around it.

SMILE is an online platform that allows students or teachers to enjoy quiz activity regardless of the time and place by connecting their mobile devices to a server which stores homework items. Currently, it enables students to enjoy individual quiz activity through solving questions saved on the server and also generate their own inquiry for class-curriculum. In addition, teachers can manage the quality of homework items by seeding out those that have low rating from peers. The next generation of SMILE will include Anytime Homework and Junction Quiz applications.

David Sunnyside
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