What is Sonos Bridge and Boost?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Sonos Bridge and Boost are both wireless network extenders that create dedicated wifi networks for your Sonos sound system. They are simple gadgets that can be connected to your home WiFi router and are able to relay high quality music throughout your whole house. They allow you to stream music, podcasts and radio from a variety of sources including Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Tunein. You can control them using the Sonos app on a mac, PC or iOS or Android device.

Sonos announced that its Bridge will no longer work after May 2020, but for the time being it is still an option if you have a Sonos system that has one or more devices and would like to continue using it. You can either use a single non-Bridge Sonos product as a “virtual” Bridge, or you can move to a newer setup that does not require the Bridge at all.

Both the BRIDGE and the Boost are designed to increase the range of your Sonos wireless network by creating a separate dedicated network that is only used by your Sonos system. This gives them the benefit of being able to connect without interruption even if your existing network is busy with other devices such as streaming video or gaming consoles.

It’s not a necessity to own these network extenders for your Sonos sound system, but it is an excellent choice if you have a poor Internet connection, own many Sonos speakers, have thick walls or live in a large house. Whether you decide to buy the Bridge or the Boost, they are easy to set up following the on-screen prompts within the Sonos app.

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