What is Technology Refresh?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The technology refresh cycle is an essential tool for keeping IT systems running smoothly. It preempts tech issues that could lead to costly downtime, employee frustration and a loss of clientele.

A tech refresh aims to keep your IT systems at the top of their game by replacing or upgrading hardware before it fails. The cycle may also involve deploying maintenance versions of underlying software requirements, including security tools. The cycle is not established based on the desire to have the latest and most-promising technology but rather to preempt IT problems that can be disruptive to business operations.

Tech Refresh Predictability

Many businesses have a tendency to cling on to aging hardware believing that relying on luck for its longevity will save money. However, utilizing hardware well beyond its expected life cycle can cost in terms of productivity, reliability and security risks. Depending on your industry, using outdated hardware can even lead to compliance headaches and loss of clientele.

Tech Refresh Benefits

A refresh allows your staff to work at their peak performance and provides customers with outstanding customer service. Outdated IT systems can cause inefficient interactions, long wait times and ineffective communication. A refreshed system will enable your team to work from anywhere without sacrificing quality of experience or efficiency of tasks.

David Sunnyside
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