What is the App Beaming Service?

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

App beaming service is a mobile application that enables you to share files, apps and data across devices using NFC (Near Field Communication). Beaming can be used quickly and efficiently for sharing media files and links quickly and conveniently - not forgetting providing information on its usage as well as compatible devices!

Android Beam is easy and straightforward. In order to activate it, both devices must have NFC enabled and be in close proximity of each other. Once in contact, a notification appears on both screens with an audible short chime sounding; when touching any content displayed by one device on another device it becomes "Tap to Beam," sending your information over. Eventually the screen shrinks back down with a message telling if transfer was successful or not.

Beaming allows for easy peer-to-peer sharing of information such as contacts, photos, videos, and music between devices. However, for beaming to work effectively on one end it must run in the foreground and cannot be locked to work properly on both devices; otherwise hackers could exploit NFC technology by exploiting vulnerabilities to transmit malware onto vulnerable devices.

Samsung's S Beam, which was featured on their Galaxy S III phone, had an exploit in its Android Beam app that allowed for malicious software downloads via Bluetooth and transmission to other devices via Bluetooth. Although patched later that year in October 2019, millions of users were still at risk from infection until this issue had been rectified.

Android Beam can only be used between devices running at least Android 4.0. It does not function on older phones or tablets and cannot be installed through third-party apps. Beaming can be disabled either by tapping two devices together on their respective screens, or through the Settings app of an Android phone; additionally, apps may select Beam as an option to turn off.

The Android Beaming Service app enables you to beam apps, links, files and more between Android phones easily and effortlessly. Designed for ease of use and perfect for media transfer between phones, this is also one of the more resource intensive options on offer and may not suit every user.

While "beaming" has recently been popularized by Samsung, the technology itself has existed for some time. I helped develop patent-pending software in 2009 that enabled users to stream music, photos, and video from mobile phones directly onto TVs, stereos, computers or stereos with stereo sound systems or computers - just like Palm Pilots did more than a decade ago! But this technology remains fascinating and I believe that its adoption will increase in future smartphones as their Android Beaming Service becomes integrated further with them.

David Sunnyside
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