What is the Goal of Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The proximate goal of technology is to reduce scarcity. For example, Haber’s Process and the Green Revolution enabled us to grow more food on less land; computers gave us access to massive amounts of information instantly; and video cameras let people connect with one another remotely. These technologies improved our lives by making things cheaper, faster, and better.

However, we shouldn’t ignore the drawbacks of technology. Many technological processes have by-products that harm the environment and deplete natural resources. And mishandled technology can result in cyber attacks that expose private information and cause financial losses.

The ultimate goal of technology is to improve human life. It does this in many ways, such as by automating tasks, enhancing communication, and providing new tools to solve problems. It can also increase access to educational opportunities, provide medical care, and facilitate transportation.

Educational technology gives educators a variety of tools to help students learn more effectively. For example, teachers can use technology to augment their in-class lectures with videos and presentations. They can also record and store student progress in online learning environments. Additionally, students can access supplemental material and get additional help on demand through virtual tutoring programs.

Technology can also help businesses operate more efficiently. It allows them to securely store and process data in an electronic format, instead of keeping hard copy files. It can also help them communicate with customers and suppliers through email, text messaging, and video conferences. In addition, it can help reduce costs by allowing them to make payments and complete transactions online.

David Sunnyside
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