What is the maximum supported throughput of a cat6 cable?

August 27, 2022
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What is the maximum supported throughput of a cat6 cable?


What exactly is a cat6 cable? Other than being one of the most common cables. The technical term is category 6 cable. It is a standard twisted cable. Generally used for Ethernet. And other cable networks. The cat6 cable is required to meet stricter specifications. For things like crosstalk, than other cables. Like the cat5 cable. The cat5 cable has a performance of 100 MHz. While cat6 goes up to 250 MHz. A cat6 also has a maximum length of 180 feet. Sounds like a great choice in a cable. Although there are things to consider. Things like usage and need. So, what is the maximum supported throughput of a cat6 cable? Keep reading to find out.

Throughput is the amount of material or items passing through a system or process. The maximum speed is 10Gbps. It supports one gigabit per second. This makes it a super fast choice. And also a very popular choice. The cat6 cable also contains four pairs of copper wire. Typically, the most common cable is a twisted cable. Or a coaxial cable. Both are great and reliable choices. You can't go wrong. 

Different Types of Cables

There are two different types of cables. The shielded twisted pair cable. Known also as STP. And the unshielded twisted pair cable. Known as UTP. UTP cables are used in voice data. And data communication. Much like a telephone. Because of this, they have their own standards. Alexander Graham Bell invented these back in 1881. They are known as twisted cables. This is because they have two wires twisted around each other. To form a single circuit. The Cat6 cable is able to hold backward compatibility with category 5/5e.  And also category 3 cable standards. According to the UTP cabling standards. It also avoids crosstalk.  And other unwanted system noise. Who doesn't love that? No more unwanted noise interference when you're on the phone. It also makes for a faster internet connection. It's a no-brainer. 

There is also an upgraded cat6A cable. This has a maximum supported frequency of 500 MHz. The cat6A also has enhanced abilities to avoid crosstalk. The Cat6 cable is a great choice of a cable. Whether you are aiming for telephone service, or maximum internet, with maximum support performance of 250 MHz, you really can’t go wrong.


Conclusion: What is the maximum supported throughput of a cat6 cable?


  • The TIA declares that the expected maximum speed is 10Gbps. 
  • Maximum support performance of 250 MHz
  • Features enhanced abilities to avoid crosstalk

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