What is the Millennial Pause?

November 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

When it comes to millennials and their dominance of the internet, there are many things that irk the older generations who are trying to reclaim their space on the social media platform. From their use of gifs as reactions to the way they spell words like "I can't even," and phrases such as "adulting" and "doggo," to putting every single town they've ever lived in on their Instagram bio, millennials have plenty of mannerisms that make older people cringe online.

One of those mannerisms, as spotted by Kate Lindsay at The Atlantic, is the millennial pause. The term is used to describe the split-second pause that some millennial TikTok creators take at the beginning of their videos, in order to ensure the camera is recording before they start speaking. It's a trend that has been picked up by some of the younger Generation Z users on the platform, who have been mocking it in viral videos.

The first video to popularise the millennial pause was created by TikToker @nisipisa in November of 2021, and went on to garner over 777,000 views. The video pointed out that Taylor Swift also takes a quick pause before she starts her songs, and it's become a popular meme on the site since then.

While it's not uncommon for different generations to punch down on one another as a means of identity, it's somewhat strange that TikTok users are mocking the way their elders film themselves in videos. After all, there was a similar trend last year when Gen Z users took to the app to demonstrate how Boomers were taking photos and videos from unnecessarily low angles, or how millennials tended to tilt their phones up or down when they shot selfies.

David Sunnyside
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