What is the Tension in a String As a Block Falls?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The answer depends on what is being measured. If we were to measure the acceleration of a block falling straight down, then we would get the same answer as we would for a block that falls at an angle. However, if we are measuring the force of gravity exerted on the block, then the answer is different.

For this type of problem, we need to account for the force of friction between the block and the string. The force of friction can be calculated in the same way as the force of gravity. This is because the friction force (which is a normal force) can be converted to a tension force (which is a tensile force).

A 74N weight is suspended by two ropes that make angles of 55 and 75 with the ceiling. What is the tension in each rope?

The tension in the string will be the same for both ropes since they are making the same angle. This is because a rope can efficiently transmit a force across a given distance. The only difference is the direction of the force. A rope can only pull an object, it cannot push an object. The only time this becomes a little tricky is when an object is in motion. In this case, the direction of the force of gravity will change throughout the arc of the swing. Hence, the tension will have to counteract that change.

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