What is ThinkShield for Mobile?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Thinkshield is a security ecosystem that has made Lenovo’s laptops some of the most secure devices used in business. It’s now expanding to mobile with ThinkShield for Mobile, a solution that will be built into Motorola smartphones intended for business use. It will offer protection from malware, phishing, network attacks and more. The feature will be on by default and you won’t need to do anything to activate it. It will be available in the Moto G10 Power, G30, and One 5G Ace.

The idea is that ThinkShield will help to protect businesses from threats, provide security and management features and ensure privacy for corporate users. This includes a clean OS that avoids non-stock software, like extra bloatware and UI overlays. It will also feature a hardware root of trust, which is a piece of hardware that enables it to verify software and block attempts to extract sensitive information from the device. It’s a similar approach to Samsung Knox security, which is installed via hardware and not software.

Security begins during the design phase, with ThinkShield working with suppliers to ensure they meet the company’s stringent security standards. Lenovo will also use a secure factory provisioning process, as well as have a dedicated incident response team to deal with any security breaches that may occur.

The feature will be rolled out in the coming months and will appear across all of Motorola’s smartphones meant for the business market. It’s a clear sign that the former Google-owned brand wants to compete more closely with Samsung and Apple in the lucrative enterprise space.

David Sunnyside
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