What is TikTok Now?

February 18, 2024
David Sunnyside

If you're a TikTok user, chances are you've noticed that some of your friends have posted blurred videos with text overlays in their feeds. The messages read, "post to view," and they're a part of TikTok's new Now feature. The new mode allows users to share a short, candid 10-second video or photo once per day. It's the newest way to be entertained and connect with the people who matter most.

The post to view feature has been rolled out to some US users and is available through the main TikTok app in certain countries. In other countries, users can access the feature through a separate TikTok Now app.

TikTok Now works in a similar way to BeReal, the once-per-day social media app that's taken the world by storm. It waves goodbye to meticulously planned feeds and edited photos, instead letting people see what their friends are really doing in real life.

When using the TikTok Now mode, you'll receive daily 'Time to Now' notifications and a prompt to post a ten-second video or photo. You'll only be able to view content from your friends after you've shared one of your own.

The feature is designed to help you stay connected with your friends and family in a fun format that encourages authenticity. You can also use Now Memories to view your past TikTok Now content through a calendar view. If you're interested in trying out TikTok Now, make sure you update your TikTok app and give it permission to access your camera and microphone.

David Sunnyside
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