What is Tinder Moments?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Tinder, like it or not, is a massively popular dating app and yesterday it got a huge update. This included profile overhauls, revamped messaging and things less easily noticed, such as improvements to the algorithms that help match users. It also introduced ‘Tinder Moments’ – a Snapchat-like feature that lets you share images with your matches that expire after 24 hours. The hope is that they will allow you to get to know your matches better, rekindle interest in old matches and even let people say farewell. You can draw on them, add text and filters, which should appeal to the more creative among us.

Tinder founder Sean Rad tells TechCrunch that he hopes the new feature will encourage people to use the service for more than just finding a date. “Just because you match with someone doesn’t mean you need to date them — it could be as simple as sharing a photo or asking for advice in a new city,” he says. “Tinder is for creating friendships, not just for hooking up.” The feature is available now. It’s free to use and can be discarded with a swipe of the left, much like any match can be.

David Sunnyside
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