What is Uber Green?

March 16, 2024
David Sunnyside

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When you select Uber Green, the ride option within the app will pair you with a driver operating a low-emission hybrid or electric vehicle. It currently costs the same as a regular UberX ride. This is just one component of an ambitious effort to promote sustainable transportation.

The company plans to spend $800 million helping hundreds of thousands of drivers transition from gas-powered vehicles to EVs by 2025. This includes partnerships with car manufacturers, incentives like discounts for new EVs, and charging network partners that provide rebates to drivers. The company also recently joined the Science Based Targets Initiative to help guide their emissions reduction efforts.

Drivers receive an extra $0.50 per trip that is split between the driver and the Green Future program (which helps them purchase an EV). This incentive can offset the upfront cost of the vehicle. Plus, they become part of a community that is at the forefront of eco-friendly transportation and can build a narrative around their environmental responsibility.

Other features the company rolled out at its GO-GET Zero event include an airport pickup and dropoff incentive for riders choosing hybrid or electric cars; navigation algorithms that reduce emissions; and an in-app search feature that helps passengers find restaurants that use sustainable packaging.

David Sunnyside
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