What is Visa Provisioning Service?

December 3, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you see a charge on your credit card statement that says “Visa Provisioning Service,” it’s not a scam. It’s a harmless, zero-dollar verification fee that Visa charges for each tokenized transaction made with an app or mobile payment system linked to a user’s Visa credit or debit account.

This new technology is a major step forward in protecting users’ financial information from hackers and allowing them to make transactions with ease on their smartphones. This is because it tokenizes their sensitive card information and replaces it with a unique set of data points (such as a transaction code) that the merchant can use to process the transaction without accessing the actual account details.

In the past, when a consumer registered a card with an online retailer or e-wallet, they were often asked to provide their full card number and expiration date along with the CVV code. The token is then stored by the digital wallet or payment application and used in place of the card number and expiration date for each transaction.

While this added layer of security is great, it still takes time for tokens to pass from a cardholder’s bank account to the digital wallet or payment application. The process involves a number of different steps that often results in a Visa Provisioning Service charge to appear on the cardholder’s bank statement. The good news is that these charges are not fraudulent, do not represent a withdrawal from the cardholder’s account, and should roll off their bank statement within seven days.

David Sunnyside
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