What is Wibrain Device Used For?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

What is wibrain device used for

This UMPC combines the best features of the current crop of mobile devices into a very small and very affordable package. Its 1.2Ghz Intel Atom processor gives it more power than most other UMPC's and the battery life is excellent - easily giving 6-hours of browsing time. The ergonomics are great too, with a nice split thumb keyboard and a large touch-pad.

The 4.8 inch screen is sharp and bright with the standard 1024x600 resolution. This is enough for full width web pages to display with no scrolling required. Browser plugins, like Flash and Ad-Blockers work 100% normal. As a fully functional PC the Wibrain also has a microphone and speakers so VoIP or video calls are possible.

One thing that I found annoying was the lack of a stand for the unit to be propped up. I understand that it is designed to sit in a pouch, but the fact that the case also acts as an insulator means that if left parked upright on a desk it will quickly heat up and damage the batteries. A simple fold out stand would solve this issue.

Ubuntu Linux handles the Wibrain's hardware fairly well out of the box. Upgrading to the new Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) with the Wibrain specific drivers fixed most of my original complaints. Work on the drivers and the hardware itself is ongoing, so a few things still need fixing.

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