What Kind of Feeling Are You Uquiz?

December 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

It's difficult to put into words how you feel, especially when it comes to emotions. But if you shift your focus to describing physical reactions, it can be easier—for instance, a rush of blood in the face or thump in the heart, a wash of sad tiredness over you, a buzzing feel of elation on your skin.

The 'what kind of feeling are you uquiz' quiz has been going viral on TikTok this week, with people saying it has proven incredibly accurate. The quiz is based on 11 questions and matches your personality to a specific feeling.

Sadness can be caused by a variety of things, including when you hurt someone or are let down by a partner. It’s also a normal reaction to a big life event like losing a job or getting laid off. Other ways to describe the feeling include being blue, bummed, blighted, desolate, disillusioned, devastated, or pessimistic. It's important to know how to express sadness in a healthy way, especially in relationships. According to James Pennebaker, a researcher who has studied the link between writing and emotional processing, people who write about painful experiences feel better.

David Sunnyside
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