What Technology Do Lawyers Use?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether they are answering client calls or writing a blog, lawyers must use a wide range of tools and technology to be effective. This article will explore some of the most popular legal tech solutions that are used in daily practice.

One of the most commonly used pieces of technology for lawyers is word processing software. This can take the form of basic word processing programs like Microsoft 365 or more advanced tools for drafting legal documents, such as a citation generator. Lawyers also rely heavily on note-taking applications that allow them to capture ideas wherever they are, whether it be in their office, at home or even during a meeting. This allows them to quickly recall these ideas and share them with others when necessary.

Another piece of technology that is commonly used in a law firm is online case management systems. These are a great way for a lawyer to organize their cases, automate tasks, manage calendar events, templates and more in an easy to access virtual filing cabinet. Many lawyers have adopted this type of technology to streamline their work and increase productivity.

In addition, it’s not uncommon for lawyers to use dictation devices to record their conversations or notes so that they can quickly refer back to them later. Some may use professional dictation equipment, while others may opt for the voice recognition features built into their smartphones.

Lawyers frequently use video conference technology for meetings with clients and co-workers. This technology can be used on desktops, tablets or mobile phones and allows attorneys to connect with their co-workers, clients and prospective clients from anywhere they have an internet connection.

David Sunnyside
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