What Technology Do Search Engines Use to Crawl Websites?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you’re interested in becoming a Digital Marketer, it’s important to understand what technologies search engines use to crawl websites. Crawling is an essential part of the entire process, and it’s used to create search engine indexes.

When a website is crawled, it’s visited by a program called Googlebot (or sometimes referred to as a “crawler”). This software is designed to fetch web pages and store them in an index for later reference. This information can then be accessed by users who search for relevant content on the Internet.

Crawlers are programmed to visit a large number of websites, or “websites” in their entirety. They then systematically scan each page, collecting a variety of data. This data can be used to help give context in search results pages, which can increase your website’s visibility and traffic online.

Search engines use a variety of methods to determine the structure of websites, including looking for keywords in text and examining HTML code. They also consider the frequency of updates to websites and their structure. This helps them prioritize how often they should visit each website and what sections of it to include in their index.

Since the Web is constantly expanding, even the largest search engines cover only a portion of it. This means that crawlers must be selective about which pages to download and then decide which parts of those pages to rank highly for searches. To avoid downloading irrelevant or duplicate information, they use a sophisticated set of algorithms to design their selection policy. This requires a large amount of computational power.

David Sunnyside
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