What Technology Does Mildred Use to Go to Sleep?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

What technology does mildred use to go to sleep?

Mildred uses a seashell radio, a device that people in this society wear on their ears to receive a constant barrage of media. She uses it when she is at home and also falls asleep listening to the radio while wearing her seashells. The technology is meant to distract people and keep them from thinking or clearly noticing the world around them.

It is obvious that Mildred does not love Montag. Their conversations do not seem like those of a loving couple. She spends most of her time with the people on her parlour walls, and even refers to them as her family. She neglects Montag and instead gives attention to the TV family. Her high speed driving and the fact that she overdoses on sleeping pills shows that she is escaping reality.

Why does society consider Clarisse anti-social?

Society views Clarisse as an outcast because she is different from everyone else. She thinks for herself and does not conform to their society's way of life. This makes her very unpopular in the city. She is an outsider and does not fit in, which leads to her being considered a threat. She tries to escape from this unpopularity by taking medication, but it does not work and she ends up being killed by the hound at the next fire. Montag sees this and is adamant that she cannot be taken away from him.

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