What Technology Has Made Presentations More Important?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

As technology evolves, studies and opportunities in different fields change direction. Presentation technologies have not been left behind and there are plenty of innovative tools available to help presenters bring their presentations to life. From 3D models to virtual reality, augmented reality and hologram technology, these new tools provide visual richness and an impressive experience for the audience.

These advances are not only beneficial for businesses and educational institutions but also for presenters as well. Presenters can now make more informed decisions about the content they choose to include in their presentations and can even conduct a research through the presentation platform itself. This helps them to present more comprehensive and detailed information, which in turn increases the quality of comprehension and assimilation on the part of the audiences.

Another important advancement in presentation technology is the availability of handheld devices that allow presenters to control slideshows without being chained to a lectern. This enables them to move around the room and interact with their audience in a more engaging way. Some even enable presenters to use the devices as a remote control for their slideshows, allowing them to make quick adjustments with the touch of a button.

Lastly, there is now a wide variety of hardware and software programs that allow presenters to create a hologram projection of themselves on the screen. These are especially useful for presenting remotely because they give viewers the impression that they are standing right in front of the speaker. Other programs such as PowerPoint even offer a feature called Personify Presenter that enables you to superimpose a video feed of yourself in your own room over your slides.

David Sunnyside
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