What We Found Movie Cast Review

December 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

The actors in what we found movie cast do a great job of making these three friends feel like people you would actually want to be friends with. They all give believable performances and the scenes of them smoking pot and exploring ruins work really well to set the tone for this dark thriller. Especially when contrasted with the moments of them uncovering dead bodies and taking on drug dealers. The acting from oona laurence in particular is fantastic and she definitely stands out. I also think it’s refreshing to see a film that doesn’t fall into the stereotype of the female lead as the naive, helpless innocent that gets saved by her male friend.

What We Found

High school can be a tough place for short, brainy freshman Marcus Jackson (Jordan Hall), who’s teased for being nerdy and doesn’t seem to fit in. Fortunately, his two best pals, Holly (Oona Lawrence) and Grant (Julian Shatkin), are there to support him. And when a fellow classmate, Cassie (Giorgia Whigham), goes missing, the trio become their own Scooby gang, investigating her disappearance.

Director Ben Hickernell’s debut feature has some strong points, especially in the chemistry between its three leads. But it stretches credibility in other places and eventually devolves into a familiar plot. While the teens’ detective work feels authentic, their personal lives are much more cliche than realistic, with Marcus’s conflicted emotions over his single mother, Holly’s struggles to survive living with abusive parents and Grant’s self-centered and narcissistic ways.

David Sunnyside
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