What Will Matter Video?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Video is quickly becoming the most important type of content for marketers. In fact, video is one of the only types of content that can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings — but only if you create high-quality, targeted videos and then use them wisely.

Michael Josephson is the founder of josephson institute, which runs ethics centers focusing on youth (character counts!), sportsmanship, business, public service, and policing. He has won America’s Award for Integrity and is a UCLA Alumnus of the Year, and has spoken to thousands worldwide.

When it comes to your what will matter video, the most important thing is to decide what kind of impact you want to make and then to live a life that reflects that purpose. Then, your actions will reflect that purpose and your influence will reach into the lives of others.

Once you’ve decided on your purpose and goals, the next step is to start creating and publishing your videos. You can use your brand video as a header or homepage on your website, product videos as e-commerce listings or as part of your blog posts, and testimonial or explainer videos anywhere else on your site that they make sense. Be sure to embed your videos and surround them with relevant written and visual content so that Google can understand the context of your video when ranking it in searches. For example, you can include a transcript of the video to target more keywords and turn any visual graphics used into downloadable JPEGs for better SEO.

David Sunnyside
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