What You Can Expect From This SG 2220 Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

sg 2220 review

What you can expect from this sg 2220 review

The sg 2220 is Gibson's reimagining of their EB-3 short-scale bass. Arguably the most iconic bass in guitar history, it's been used by some of the most renowned players in the world. For example, Jack Bruce of Cream used the EB-3 to achieve his distinctive sound on a huge range of their most acclaimed recordings.

It's also been used by a number of modern-day musicians who are big fans of the shorter bass. Mike Kerr of Royal Blood is often seen playing this sg 2220 on stage, using the mini humbucking pickups to deliver his earth-shattering bass riffs.

pfSense + 1.7GHz Intel Atom dual core processor

As mentioned, the SG-2220 is a state of the art pfSense Plus security gateway appliance that can be configured as a firewall, WAN or LAN router, VPN, DHCP server and DNS Server, with optional packages to add IDS/IPS. It has a powerful Intel Atom processor and a lot of RAM for a low cost, and the pfSense dashboard serves up configuration pages fast enough to make changing settings a breeze.

You'll still need a cable, DSL or fiber modem in order to use the SG-2220, though. It's a great solution for anyone who wants to build a home networking system that's more than the standard NAT, Wi-Fi and DHCP combo that comes with their ISP's device.

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