What You Must Know About Tik Tok Lead Gen Ads

February 4, 2023

TikTok Lead Generation is a new advertising solution for businesses aiming to reach and effortlessly convert potential new consumers that the social media platform TikTok released. Without asking TikTok users to leave the app, advertisers may utilise TikTok Lead Gen ads to market their goods and services and collect first-party opt-in data from customers.

What Is Lead Generation on TikTok?


TikTok Lead Gen ads have clickable calls to action (CTAs), which consumers can select to learn more. Without requiring users to leave the TikTok platform, these CTAs direct them to a lead form. To simplify the process for users and advertisers, TikTok may also automatically fill forms using the basic data that users provide when they sign up.

TikTok Lead Generation, according to the official press release, "allows organisations to produce fully customisable messages that are applicable to numerous client categories." Furthermore, "leads can be manually downloaded or, if coupled with a business's CRM, leads can be instantly activated."

When a form is presented, TikTok will display a privacy notice informing users that their information is being gathered and will be shared with advertisers. User information, however, will only be visible to the advertiser for the chosen good or service.

What Are the Benefits of TikTok Lead Generation for Digital Advertisers?


With TikTok Lead Generation, digital marketers have access to a different social media platform for testing lead generation and client acquisition targets. Additionally, as media costs, targeting guidelines, and algorithms change, more platforms and channels may offer the opportunity for campaign optimisation for online advertisers.

According to Social Media Today contributor Andrew Hutchinson, TikTok Lead Generation ads are an excellent way to collect the contact information of interested viewers for use in campaigns and future references. That could also assist you in creating more precise audience personas for broader ad targeting and direct your future content focus.

How to use TikTok Lead Ads to produce more TikTok leads

TikTok Ads can be created using immersive, vertical, short-form videos, and the platform now provides a new first-party option with TikTok Lead Generation Ads that can easily help businesses generate more leads and increase conversion rates.

TikTok is a platform that is immersive and incredibly engaging by nature, making it very simple to pique curiosity and establish connections. TikTok has created an innovative method for companies to interact with their target audiences to expand their client base and generate cash. This method is known as TikTok Lead Ads.

TikTok Lead Generation Ads allow prospective clients to provide you with their contact information right on the TikTok platform without having to navigate to another landing page and wait for it to load. You can create an Instant Form that is linked to an in-feed video advertisement in this manner.

By acquiring lead data quickly and easily, TikTok Lead Ads are a perfect option for those businesses trying to broaden their reach and understand their audience. It enables them to take fast action on their prospects. Here are some additional pointers to assist you with TikTok lead generation.

Include A Clickable Link In Your Bio

All social media networks, including TikTok, should follow this best practice. The first thing a user does after discovering your material by coincidence and finding it intriguing is to look at your bio. Use your bio as a digital business card and include a clickable link to direct TikTok users to your website or landing page.

When utilised wisely, clickable links in your bio can do many things, including increasing the number of leads you get, increasing the number of people who sign up for your email list, inviting people to your brand events, and more.

Note: Since it is still in beta testing, not all TikTok accounts can use this function. However, if you sign up for TikTok's Testers Program, you might have access to this feature.

Use Tik Tok Challenges To Your Advantage

Participating in both sponsored and unsponsored TikTok challenges is a fantastic method to raise awareness and produce TikTok leads. Thousands might see your brand of prospective clients if a TikTok challenge becomes popular.

TikTok challenges are a must-have component of your lead generation plan on TikTok if you want to reach a younger audience. You have the option of taking part in an already well-liked TikTok challenge or starting your own TikTok-branded challenge.

Collaboration With Tiktok Influencers

Think again if you don't think influence has power. You may expand your audience, produce high-quality leads, and boost the return on investment of your marketing efforts by partnering with TikTok influencers. According to statistics, influencer marketing has an 11% better ROI than conventional marketing channels.

When it comes to TikTok lead generation, though, it's ideal for collaborating with micro-influencers. It is because they frequently have higher interaction rates than influencers who have millions of followers.

Even though their audience will be smaller, micro-influencers can develop closer bonds with their followers because they are actually less numerous. They have more genuine followers, which improves the chance of producing high-quality leads.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketers of today and any company with an internet presence can benefit significantly from TikTok. You may reach a sizable and expanding audience that is primarily made up of young people and encompasses the majority of the world. As opposed to traditional data collection methods, TikTok's Lead Generation feature makes it possible for you to interact with your clients and customise ads to their needs.


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