What You Need to Know About the Upcoming World Cup in Qatar

October 27, 2022
Justin Lumiere

The Qatar World Cup is just around the corner, with just a few days left to spare. It’s almost as if the England faithful were only out full-force on the streets while hosting St George flags yesterday. Regardless, we’re steadily approaching the third major football tournament after eighteen long months – probably the most controversial World Cup to date.

Basic Facts About the 2022 World Cup

For those who are not familiar with the event, the World Cup is considered the biggest international soccer competition globally, where thirty-two teams vie for the crown of World Cup winners. This tournament will take place in Qatar on November 20, 2022, and is basically the first time where the event will ever be hosted in the Middle East. There’s also a reason why this upcoming World Cup is considered controversial, considering that two executive committee members had their respective voting rights suspended due to certain allegations.

The Qatar World Cup is the first World Cup to take place during the winter months, and this is mainly held to beat the heat that comes with July and June, which Qatar frequently experiences. Additionally, this is also done to avoid the potential health risks and consequences of competing under extreme and unbearable heat.

BC.GAME sponsors Argentine Football Association

Apart from the anticipation surrounding one of the most-talked events of the year, it’s also great news for the crypto casino industry as BC.GAME becomes the crypto casino sponsor of the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

BC.GAME has recently just obtained the award for the best crypto casino this year and has come to a global sponsorship agreement with the Argentine team. The team will have the wholehearted support of BC.GAME in the upcoming days leading up to the World Cup matches. But more than that, the agreement also signifies a new sponsorship contract that takes palace within the National Teams platform – one that already exceeds almost 25 brands that are part of it.

More specifically, this agreement symbolizes the progress and the international reach of the AFA brand, becoming inclusive by constantly involving new audiences and streams of income via different categories.

The Argentine Football Association has proved to be one of the most intuitive organizations globally, which falls perfectly in line with BC.GAME’s long-term goals. The Chief Operating Officer at BC.GAME also expresses his hope for the partnership, aiming to explore mutually beneficial streams of revenue and constant access to the platform’s massive and interactive community of punters, gamers, and football fans who are regulars of BC.GAME’s social and casino channels.

The Qatar World Cup kicks off on November 20, the opener being between Ecuador and Qatar at seven in the evening local time. Meanwhile, the final is set to take place on December 18, Sunday, after an entire month of football action and fun. The tournament will also be taking place in eight different venues for the five different host cities.


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