What You Need to Know Before Choosing A Test Automation Tool: Vital Considerations

December 5, 2022

These days, it's not enough to just seek more out of life; people need to make do with less. CEOs and Product Managers aim to release new products while keeping costs down to remain competitive. Can these targets be met without compromising the quality of the final product? The solution is straightforward: automated testing with Salesforce automation testing tools

Software testing may be made more efficient, effective, accurate, and comprehensive with the help of the correct automated testing tool, which continues to improve as technology advances. Using test automation, your quality assurance team will have more time to focus on other, more important aspects of the project, rather than wasting it on repetitive manual testing tasks.

Things to Know When Choosing A Test Automation Tool 

The market is flooded with automated software testing technologies. Selecting a classic to lighting migration tool can be difficult if there are too many to choose from, especially if you are unsure of the criteria to use in determining which automated testing tool solution will be most useful to your team.

  • Versatility -

Select an automated testing tool that allows you to do the necessary functional, unit, and load tests. Since your demands may evolve, the tool you choose must provide comprehensive testing support. To increase a tool's usefulness, it may be possible to purchase an add-on, although this will incur an extra expense.

  • Incompatibility With Other Platforms -

A perfect tool would work with every platform and program your company uses. Be cautious to check that the test automation tool you're considering is compatible with the platforms you'll need before making a purchase. Many programs can only handle.NET or Java apps. Plan ahead for any changes to your company's platform.

  • Compatibility With Popular Operating Systems -

It's important to remember that just because no one is currently using your product on a Mac doesn't guarantee that nobody ever will be. Your test automation tool should support a wide range of OS configurations, even if most your users prefer a different OS. Having your product be backward-compatible with earlier operating systems is a plus.

  • Formulation of Tests -

To make your product as user-friendly as possible, you should provide multiple options for achieving the same goal. Inexperienced team members may struggle with automated testing if scripting is the solely available alternative for building automated tests. All members of the QA team can run the tests fast and efficiently with the correct tool, no matter their level of automation experience or technical proficiency.

  • Ease Of Maintenance -

The correct salesforce automation testing tools will generate modular test cases, making maintenance much easier. As a result, automated testing administration is simplified by the fact that these may be readily updated and reused. For any scripting issues to be easily resolved, the program should also give comprehensive error logs. 

  • Methods Of Pricing -

Does it make sense to invest in this tool? Think about the upfront cost of the product and any additional expenditure that may be incurred in the future for things compatibility add-ons, updates, and support. There shouldn't be any significant strain on your testing budget from using this classic to lighting migration tool.

Conclusion -

If you want to know if you made the appropriate evaluation and selection of test automation technologies, it all boils down to the data. After putting your chosen test automation tool into action, you can check how well it's performing on these top automation testing KPIs. 

The cost of testing new technologies is high. Multiple strategies can be employed to reduce the price and danger of implementation and upgrade, but each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Opkey provides a time-saving method of ensuring that your business processes continue to function properly after an upgrade has been implemented, so you can keep reaping the benefits of these procedures even as your business grows.


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