When a Houseplant Obsession Becomes a Nightmare

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Plants add color and life to any living space, especially in urban areas where outdoor greenery is scarce. And while a houseplant obsession can be a positive thing, there are also times when it becomes unmanageable — for instance, when you start tripping over plants, filling every inch of available space with your beloved flora and still find yourself unable to keep them alive. In these moments, it might be time to call in help.

It might seem like a no-brainer that you'd want to be sure that your new plants are healthy before you bring them home — but not everyone takes the time to check for bugs and other ickies. Often, a beautiful plant will be carrying pests and diseases that can be transmitted to your own home.

If you want to avoid bringing home unhealthy plants, make sure to shop at reputable greenhouses and nurseries that have strict health standards. And don't forget to inspect the foliage of your plants before you buy — stressed plants send out signals that are easily picked up by insects and other pests.

If you really want to be a discerning plant-buyer, look for those that have been propagated locally — or even better yet, by a friend — as opposed to being trucked in from the other side of the country. This is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice that will benefit both you and the plants themselves. Plus, locally-grown plants have a higher chance of growing stronger and healthier, making them easier to maintain.

David Sunnyside
Co-founder of Urban Splatter • Digital Marketer • Engineer • Meditator
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