When He Opened His Eyes Full Novel Review

February 1, 2024
David Sunnyside

'With eyes open' means to have keen or complete knowledge, awareness, or expectations. 'Some guys forget to go into relationships with their eyes open, and they end up getting hurt'. ( , Farlex Dictionary of Idioms, 2022.)

When He Opened His Eyes Full Novel was a bold move to publish such a long story with 1800+ chapters. But it did a good job of keeping the readers interested by crafting a sustaining plot and effective character development. Moreover, the setting was also a plus because it jives well with the plot.

The narrator of the story is an artist who seeks the'real paradise' through writing. He uses his art to protest against the corrupt world. He believes that he can change the world through his art. Unlike other novels of this genre, 'When He Opened His Eyes' is more of an artist novel.

The main characters in this Dreame novel are very well-developed. Avery Tate's naivety in the beginning when she was forced to marry the Foster family's ruthless billionaire CEO, Elliot Foster, made her a more appealing character. In the later chapters, the author introduces more side characters who also have a good characterization. These side characters complemented the main characters and added to the excitement of the plot. The setting is also well-designed and suited the characters' lifestyle. In the end, readers can hardly put down this novel though it is quite lengthy. It is a must-read for those who are into romantic stories with rich characterizations.

David Sunnyside
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