When I Met You Lyrics Review

January 1, 2024
David Sunnyside

When I Met You is a timeless love song that captures the beauty and magic of finding someone who completes you. Its nostalgic and soothing melody enhances the emotional depth of its lyrics, making it a cherished favorite among listeners. Its universal message of hope and redemption continues to resonate with people, bringing them happiness even in the darkest times.

The song tells the story of a narrator who finds their life purpose through a love interest. It describes how they were empty and lost before they met their partner and how they’ve transformed completely since then. It also highlights the physical aspects of their relationship, such as their intimate connection and intense attraction. The narrator vows to always cherish this person as they move forward with their lives together.

Matilda Mann is a master of casual emotion, lacing her delicate lyrics with the warmth of lingering admiration and contrasting them with wistful melodies. Her arrangement tiptoes between jazz and pop, with waltzing rhythmic lines and acoustic guitar chords. It is more sparse than the versions recorded for Lazarus, however, and it lacks McCaslin’s saxophone and Henry Hey’s subdued brass lines on later refrains.

The song’s simple lyrics and haunting melody make it a standout among Fantasia’s repertoire. Its timeless message of hope and redemption is a powerful reminder of the importance of loving others unconditionally. The song also showcases her amazing vocal prowess, with every note and word ringing true to the spirit of the lyrics.

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