When is the Super Bowl?

June 17, 2023
David Sunnyside

The playoffs are over, and football fans are ready for the Super Bowl. Whether you’re rooting for the Eagles or the Chiefs, it’s time to start planning your game day menu and hanging football decorations. You’ll also want to know what time the game starts and who’s performing at halftime. This year, international pop star, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Rihanna is taking the stage.

The Super Bowl is the annual final play-off game of the National Football League (NFL) to determine its champion, and has been held on the second Sunday in February since 1966, replacing the NFL Championship Game. It is one of the most-watched annual sporting events in the world, with a US domestic television audience exceeding 100 million viewers. The event is often considered the most important and prestigious in the NFL season, with some of the best-paid athletes and coaches.

It has a large global audience as well, but viewership from countries outside of the United States is less than for other major sports championships such as the UEFA Champions League final. In addition, the Super Bowl is one of the most expensive television productions to produce and air, which limits its global reach.

The Super Bowl is the highest-rated American TV program of all time, according to Nielsen ratings. The highest-rated Super Bowl was XVI, with a 73 share, which is equivalent to 40,020,000 households. Its high ratings may have been attributed to a blizzard that affected much of the Northeastern United States on Super Bowl Sunday.

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