When Should I Use a Devicetests API?

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

The devicetests API offers developers an efficient means of testing websites and apps (native, hybrid, web) across a range of real devices as well as desktop browsers. Testing apps across platforms without bugs or glitches is critical in any quality assurance process, and using devicetests in combination with emulators and simulators provides robust testing.

An emulator is a software tool that enables your computer to run programs built for different operating systems, such as Android, Galaxy and iPhone emulators (actually an iOS Simulator). While emulators may be helpful when testing specific types of code, they cannot replicate exactly the functioning of real hardware; differences in timing and response to changes in temperature or voltage, unanticipated types of behavior under load and other factors could significantly alter performance - meaning major performance issues or serious bugs may only emerge during real device testing.

Emulators and simulators are useful tools for testing the accessibility of your app across a range of devices, while real device testing may prove more expensive or time consuming but essential if user frustration and negative reviews arise.

As agile developers look to release their product as quickly as possible, creating an in-house device lab may prove challenging. Small firms may find it more efficient to tap a device cloud for QA needs instead; such services allow QA teams to script tests themselves using proven test automation frameworks like Selenium, Appium Espresso or XCUITest as well as manually test real devices.

A quality device cloud will also allow you to upload and store a "baseline image," making results comparison easier. This feature is particularly helpful for visual UI testing where screen size and resolution differences may lead to subtle yet hard-to-spot UI errors.

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