When the Cheese Doesn't Melt Meme

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

When the Cheese Doesn't Melt

Everyone has been here before: you are cooking a meal or enjoying a snack, and you suddenly realize that your food isn’t going to melt. Whether your mac and cheese has turned out to be mushy or the grilled cheese you made in the oven was no longer even warm, a lack of melting can ruin a whole meal experience.

The when the cheese doesn't melt meme started after a YouTuber named Tasty Hoon went viral for a mukbang video in which his attempt at fried chicken and cheese fondue went hilariously wrong. He did his best to redeem himself in a follow-up video by carefully setting up the fondue fountain again, this time using a sufficient amount of milk to ensure the cheese stays liquid.

He also used higher-quality shredded cheese this time, which has more moisture and tends to melt better than Kraft Velveeta. Some grocery store shredded cheeses use anti-caking agents to keep the pieces from clumping together, which can interfere with the way they melt.

But that wasn't enough to save Ramsay's 2020 grilled cheese sandwich from being roasted by TikTok users. @dishedit called out the "Hell's Kitchen" host for his recipe, which he originally posted while visiting Tasmania and didn’t include any mention of a stove or an oven. Ramsay responded with a tweet arguing that his bread was too thick and that there was too much kimchi on the sandwich.

David Sunnyside
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