When Will Disney Dreamlight Valley Be Free to Play?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life sim game with a twist. It launched in Early Access on September 6 and has since garnered a huge following. The developers at Gameloft Montreal have been smoothing the slightly rough edges that were present at launch, and have been addressing community feedback via updates and patches. With gameplay that’s very much like Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, players tend to a nonlinear world filled with Disney and Pixar characters who have undergone a curse. The day and night cycle is synced with the player’s own device, and stamina can be renewed by munching on berries and the like.

It was always intended that Disney Dreamlight Valley would go free-to-play once it had left Early Access, but Gameloft hasn’t given a clear date for this. The company did say that the 2023 window was the target release date for the full version of the game, and that there would be purchasable expansion options for fans of Disney characters.

Those looking to play Disney Dreamlight Valley right now can do so by purchasing a Founder’s Pack or signing up for Xbox Game Pass. However, those that do so should be aware that the game will eventually become free to play with microtransactions. When this will happen isn’t clear, but Gameloft has assured players that they will be able to purchase Moon Stones, which are the premium currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley, for real money once the game leaves Early Access.

David Sunnyside
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