When Will Sprint SIM Cards Stop Working?

March 6, 2024
David Sunnyside

When will sprint sim cards stop working?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the legacy Sprint network will soon be shutting down, and it looks like T-Mobile will begin to eliminate any traces of the former carrier in the coming weeks. The Un-carrier has already started sending legal notices to Sprint customers who have yet to switch to a T-Mobile SIM card. According to a report published on The T-Mo Report, the first notifications were sent out on February 1st with a second reminder to be made by March 31st. Those who fail to make the transition to T-Mobile by May 1st will receive a third legal notice warning them that they will be disconnected from cellular service.

Thankfully, one-third of Sprint customers are expected to be moved over to the T-Mobile network by this point thanks to a program called “T-Mobile Network Experience” (TNX) that allows them to change their Sprint SIM cards for T-Mobile ones while maintaining their same plan and terms. However, for many full-time and part-time nomads that are still using older Sprint devices or phones – even those that are capable of connecting to T-Mobile’s networks – they will need to either TNX or upgrade their devices to newer models.

The T-Mo Report explains that the main reason why T-Mobile’s SIM swap program is necessary is because legacy Sprint devices typically do not support T-Mobile’s core cellular bands and are incompatible with the T-Mobile 5G network that will be launched this year and reach nearly everyone within six years. The good news is that T-Mobile has plenty of great phones and data plans to choose from.

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