When Will Sprint SIM Cards Stop Working?

November 1, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you have Sprint service and a device that will work on the T-Mobile network then you are good to go. Just make sure you have the correct SIM card for that device and that the IMEI on your phone matches up to the IMEI on the UICC. The T-Mobile website has a SIM Finder tool that can help you find the right one. You can also call Sprint customer support for personalized assistance if you have any questions.

If you’re still on Sprint’s CDMA network or are still using a legacy Sprint SIM then you will have to upgrade your device to something compatible with T-Mobile. T-Mobile has been sending out multiple notifications to customers, including SMS and email warnings, that their Sprint SIM will reach end of life on May 1 if they don’t swap it for a T-Mobile SIM. If you ignore these alerts you will lose cellular connectivity and possibly even be unable to make calls, including 911, on Sprint’s network.

Can you get a sprint sim card for free?

Sprint has been reluctant to give out new SIM cards since merged with T-Mobile over a year ago. It seems that the company is finally getting around to shutting down its CDMA network and forcing legacy users onto the T-Mobile network to make room for more 4G LTE subscribers. If you still have a Sprint SIM in your device then it will not work on T-Mobile’s network and it may not be compatible with any future networks or MVNOs that use the T-Mobile network either.

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