Where Are Sony TV's Made?

June 17, 2023
David Sunnyside

Sony has a strong reputation for manufacturing high-quality consumer electronics. Their TVs are no exception. They're sleek and attractive, and they offer a variety of features to suit any lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a 4K smart TV or a basic flatscreen, there's a Sony model that fits your needs.

Where Are Sony Tv's Made

The Sony Company began in 1946 and quickly became one of the most recognized names in consumer electronics, establishing itself as a leading brand for digital video cameras and audio equipment. Their products are widely used by consumers around the world, and they're known for their quality and innovative designs. As a result, many people want to purchase a Sony product, but they're often confused about where these products are made.

As with other big manufacturers of electronic devices, Sony has a combination of in-house and third-party factories that manufacture and assemble their products. During the development stage, they use in-house plants to make their own prototypes, but after their initial production phase, they'll often contract out the assembly process to third-party OEM and ODM assemblers.

For example, the Sony factory in Tver, Russia, started producing TVs in 2009. However, after a few years of low sales, the company opted to sell their plant to Foxconn, a Taiwanese manufacturer that produces Apple products, Dell PCs and PlayStation 3 game consoles for Sony. Sony also has manufacturing plants in Mexico and Slovakia. However, they mainly outsource the production of their TVs in these locations to save money and time.

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