Where Do FaceTime Photos Go?

March 12, 2024
David Sunnyside

FaceTime is a very popular video chatting application that lets you make calls to your friends and family. You can also take photos and record videos using the app. The photos and videos that you take during FaceTime are stored in the Photos app on your iPhone. The app has various filters that you can use to edit your photos and videos, including those that mimic a watercolor, comic book, aged film, and ink. You can also add Animoji and Memoji stickers to your FaceTime call.

You can also take a photo during a FaceTime call by tapping the round white shutter button in the bottom-right corner of the screen (iPhone) or in the top-right corner of the screen (Mac). When you tap this, your device will capture a Live Photo, which is similar to a short video with audio. The person you are calling will be notified that you have captured a photo of them.

The photos and videos that you capture through FaceTime are saved in your Photos app, sorted by date. You can find them by tapping the Library tab, then selecting All Photos. If you don’t see the photos that you took, they may have been deleted automatically. If you still can’t find the photos that you took, try freeing up some storage space on your iPhone and then trying again.

If you’re unable to find the photos that you took during a FaceTime call, there may be a problem with your phone or its settings. In this case, you should consider making a Genius Bar appointment for additional help.

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