Where Does Tangled Take Place?

November 7, 2023
David Sunnyside

Tangled is an animated film based on a fairytale classic. It is an adventure comedy that defies the traditional damsel-in-distress stereotype, and it has a strong message about courage and perseverance. The movie was released in 2010 and has become a Disney favorite. It has spawned a sequel, Tangled Ever After, and a television series.

The setting of the film is in the Kingdom of Corona. It is a beautiful place that reflects the whimsy and magic of the story. The film features a variety of contrasting environments, including lush forests and lively town squares. The art direction and design of the film creates a visually stunning world that is sure to capture viewers' attention.

Rapunzel's tower is a focal point in the film, as it symbolizes her isolation from the outside world and her longing for something more. The tower is also where the film's action takes place. Parents can discuss with their children how Rapunzel defies the typical princess trope and how she shows courage, curiosity, and empathy throughout the story.

Unlike other Disney movies, Tangled is as much about Flynn Rider as it is about Rapunzel. In fact, the movie was originally going to be called "Rapunzel Unbraided" before the producers realized they needed to appeal to boys as well as girls.

Tangled's animators pushed the boundaries of CGI animation with this film. The visuals of the movie have a painterly quality that is very different from the other computer-animated movies of the time. The visuals are a testament to the hard work of the animators and the ingenuity of the directors. The movie's characters have also been lauded for their realism and relatability.

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